Dance Lessons

For new students we have an introductory package: eight private lessons, half hour long each, for $170 per couple or per person.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most flexible in terms of both material and schedule. We tailor the program to each individual, beginner or advanced. Prices for private lessons start at $70 an hour per person or couple, and depending on package size can be as low as $30.

To register for private lessons please contact our studio.

Group Lessons

We schedule group series for beginner, intermediate, and advanced couples. Group Series are one hour per week for eight consecutive weeks. A partner is required.

• Beginner: $80
• Intermediate: $120
• Advanced: To be determined

Ready to take a class?

You can pre-register by calling 973-875-4300 or use link below!

If you are interested in upcoming Group Classes, follow the link below, to complete a form with your schedule. A partner is required for this class. We will get back to you shortly with class options!

Wedding and Special Group Lessons

We choreograph wedding dances for the bride and groom, father and daughter, and/or the entire wedding party. We can choreograph to your music or ours. We would be happy to hold tailor made classes for your wedding party.

A group lesson, 1/2 hour long, is always given during our dance socials. If you have your own group with which you would like to have a group class, we would be happy to hold tailor made classes. Please call for schedule and prices.

What We Teach

We teach all standardized Ballroom and Latin dances, American and International style, plus several club dances:

• Foxtrot
• Quickstep
• Tango
• Samba
• Waltz
• Viennese Waltz
• Cha Cha
• Mambo
• Rumba
• Bolero
• Swing
• Merengue
• Peabody
• Jive
• Paso Doble
• Hustle
• Salsa
• Polka
• West Coast Swing
• Bossa Nova