About Us

Katy and Russ have been offering dancing lessons and socials at unsurpassed value for more than 20 years.  In 2009, after 18 years of teaching and hosting socials in their Hopatcong location, Katy and Russ Fischer opened their new and expanded 1800 square foot ballroom, in the lower level of their residence on Franklin Lane, in Vernon.  The dance space in the studio is named The Frank Duval Ballroom in honor of Katy and Russ’ former teacher and mentor.

Private lessons are scheduled Monday through Thursday with a dance social open to the public every Friday from 7 to 11 p.m.  Food, drinks and a group lesson are included in the admission of $20 per person. 

Ballroom dancing is making a resurgence as people are again becoming interested in social dancing possibly due to TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.  Currently instructing more than 50 couples, the Fischers see people of varying age groups, like wedding couples learning steps for their upcoming nuptials, empty–nesters looking for social activity and retired couples seeking increased exercise.

Katy and Russ’ motto is, as long as you can walk, you can dance.  Ballroom dancing can be a gentle exercise or quite vigorous, and it forces concentration.  Therefore, it’s excellent for mind and body.

Ballroom Magic and the Fischers are encouraged that their unique business was so welcomed and supported by the town of Vernon.  Together, they are both certified with DEA (Dance Educators of America) and collectively own Ballroom Magic.

The Team

Nando Pappalardo

Katy Fischer

Katy, who has been teaching ballroom dancing for over 35 years, started teaching ballroom and latin dancing at the Arthur Murray Studios.  She studied ballet since the age of 3, and modern dance during her high school and college years.  She holds a BA degree in studio art.

Sara Presenti

Russ Fischer

Russ holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.  He has been teaching with Katy for over 20 years and has expertise in music sound equipment and lighting.